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This unit is part of The Institute of Form, Theory and History and has a special focus on the fundamental aspects of the architectural practice: design methods and formats, freehand drawing, workshop practices and computer-aided design. The unit´s main responsibility is the first year curriculum of the Architecture Program. In addition it gives courses and diploma supervision at Master level. 

The first year is a comprehensive introduction to the five and a half year Master Program at AHO. The students are faced with the full complexity of the field, they are encouraged to pursue a personal approach to the profession and to establish an individual standpoint. A broad and multifaceted teaching method includes everything from abstract and theoretical studies to concrete investigations of program, site and already built structures. A thorough investigation of materials and building technology are core to all assignments. The students have to tackle different scales, from 1:1 to large-scale structures. 

Theory and history are fully integrated in the studio-based education and gives the students a comprehensive introduction to the methods, terminology and tools of the profession. Separate classes are given in Material Technology, Examen Philosophicum and Architecture History, all interwoven with the studio assignments.  

Experienced-based knowledge is mainly taught in studio through individual assignments, in addition to group assignments, seminars, exercises, workshops, readings and lectures. Assignments can lasts for a day, a week or months. There are two excursions during the year, one in the fall semester as part of the studio, one in the spring semester as part of the classes in freehand drawing and Architecture History. 

The learning objective for the freehand drawing classes in the introductory year at AHO is twofold. First, to give the students basic skills and knowledge through analytical and intuitive exercises including introduction to different tools, techniques, paper types, colour, dry and wet media and basic representational techniques. Croquis drawing and life drawing is also a part of the curriculum. Through lectures and exercises the students learn to make use of freehand drawing in the practice of both Art and Architecture. 

The second and most important part is the application of the generative and communicative aspects of freehand drawing on to the practice of Architecture. This is pursued through individual sketchbooks, through interaction between freehand drawing and computer-aided design and through the use of freehand drawing in an exploratory and notational way. The teaching progresses from targeted exercises in the beginning of the year to more personal and expressive studies at the end. 

The unit offers two elective courses in freehand drawing at the Master level.


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